Dating a plastic surgeon

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Dating a plastic surgeon

As someone who spent her twenties flailing and failing her way through every manner of self-expression — acting, stand-up comedy, spoken-word poetry, competitive storytelling, lackluster creative writing — I never found myself meeting/dating doctors.

Naturally, the last thing I’d want for any of you out there is a hospital visit. Were it to happen, why not make the whole thing more interesting by hitting on your surgeon?

Can our two partners in crime keep up the ruse, or is this fake marriage doomed to hit the rocks long before it reaches the altar?

Adding to the drama are Han Yeo Reum (2AM member and alum Han Sun Hwa), Ki Tae’s former fiancè, and a successful plastic surgeon in her own right, who has become convinced that she does not need a man in her life and therefore starts blackmailing her ex for his sperm to grow her own child.

He’ll be all, “Have you been elevating the limb as instructed? Your surgeon will undoubtedly see you unconscious in a hairnet during surgery. So why not do a little appearance maintenance to mitigate the side effects?

Tame the mane into a fetching up-do; slap on some lip-gloss; moisturize the décolletage.

I logged two weeks in the hospital, four months on crutches, six operations, and what had to have been a hundred sessions of physical therapy. Related: How To Be Single In Your 20s: 4 Dating Tips For My Niece To make the recovery process a wee bit more fun — hospitals get boring pretty quickly; you can comb through Facebook only so many times before you start thinking maybe you were wrong, maybe it heavily medicated.

I met/dated under-employed, under-accomplished actors, musicians, and painters, not to mention myriad cooks at the various restaurants that employed me.

His family, however, wants his life to become a bit more wholesome and pressurizes him to get married.

She genuinely believes in true love, but also fears being alone.

And, with her age soon to hit the “big thirty” ceiling, she isn’t deemed particularly desirable in the marriage market.

But I can still feel pretty because if I wore makeup and cute clothes, I can still, you know…

feel pretty.” It seems like a plausible reason, right?

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Recently Potter Aston, a fiftysomething whose cool Hitchcock-blonde looks belie a warm and witty demeanor, had a face-lift courtesy of her husband. As Potter Aston puts it, “There’s something about being married to a man who can affect one’s beauty and turn back the hands of time.” But here’s an inescapable thought: Consider being in bed with a plastic surgeon. They spend all their time looking at women as fixer-uppers.