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As written by The Real Chicago in their profile of Guthries as the Bar of the Month in January 2002, the establishment, "Served as a grocery store during prohibition but has been a bar since 1933. The two-story, gabled building housing Guthries features a beige-painted brick and wooden façade with "Tavern" tastefully stenciled on both of its large picture windows overlooking Addison and under a nicely appointed "Guthries Tavern" sign, recently affixed.Walk up a few steps to the brightly painted, red wooden door and you'll be carded by the doorman usually only if there's a Cubs game that night."While Guthries is located just on the outer banks of Wrigleyville, it has somehow managed to remain a neighborhood place that welcomes all. If you're searching for a fellow geek to enjoy life and fall in love with, you've come to the right spot.

He also appears on posters in the City's Hospitals on posters for sexually transmitted diseases.

It's like being trapped in a crowded theatre that's on fire, and the only way you can get out is by persuading someone outside to swap places with you.

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The funny thing is, Guthries is a great place to meet people – it's inviting, offers many of your childhood favorite board games with which you can break the ice with a "special new friend," is so much calmer than the Bedlam surrounding it, and you'll never have to yell over blaring music to be heard.

Guthries has even become the place for "Dating for Nerds," though from what I've seen, the place actually attracts some decent talent.

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