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Last week, Orange County Superior Court Judge Steven Bromberg dismissed a stalking charge against Miller.

A buoyant Miller grabbed the hand of the prosecutor, Senior Deputy District Attorney Mark Geller, and said, “You’re a really good lawyer. That’s awesome.” Geller declined comment after the verdicts.

Miller told her that she would be his “girlfriend,” but that he also wanted to have sexual relationships with other women, Talley said.

Stabile said OK, but wasn’t happy with the arrangement, he said.

Talley alleged that in one of the conflicts, Stabile attacked his client, not the other way around.

Trust me, if America turns south, goes bad, I'm running to Canada.") and even the lessons he's learned about drug addiction from watching A&E's "Intervention." This last one, it turns out, is something he's spent a good chunk of time thinking about.

"There's three main stories for 'Intervention,'" he says. " By this point, the men in ties have either learned to ignore our table altogether, or are at least doing a very good job of pretending.

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