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Reboot your machine and well get started on the update process.

First step is make a folder on your desktop called kexts (or whatever you want) and download and extract the following package in the folder you created.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ First Phase : Open the terminal & perform following command’s without quotes.

Coming from a vacation for which I’d spent a crazy amount c/o my credit card, I’m currently broke. The geek, or should I say, geekette in me prevailed causing me to get a stick of 2 GB DDR2 for my Mac Book Mini which I paid for cash. 🙂 (Credits to myhpmini.com) Now that that part’s done, I proceeded with booting up the Mini not only to see if the installation went okay but more importantly if Mac OS X would still run fine.

On the Combo Updater I installed the voodoo 9.5.0 (later I updated to 9.8.0) and DSDT patch.

The back USB won't work, just use Cold Plug on the front one, then update the kernel to 9.8.0 and the seatbelt to 10.5.8.

Even if I were completely the girly frilly type of girl, I wouldn’t have much problem actually installing RAM – the Mini has an access panel that’s specifically for a task such as this.

I push the lid back up and the mini woke up instantaneously. Why I’m having varied results is still an enigma to me.

This is a component level hardware compatibility list.

(Clickfor the story) I checked if the system recognized the 2 GB stick by clicking on the About Mac.

My previous customized CPU definition that I set via OSX86 Tools was reset to “1.6 GHz Unknown” but it said “2 GB DDR SDRAM” alright. My main motive was to see if upgrading the memory to 2 GB would really resolve the sleep issue – on 10.5.6, sleep means putting the mini on a comatose, never to be woken up again but by forcing it to shut down through the power button.

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And here’s what I’ve observed: 1st try: I closed the mini’s lid. Just like when RAM was just 1 GB; BT & Wi FI blue led turned to pink.